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I wanted to give you an example of what freedom of speech on our information highway actually produces and this example might be silly to some but it is successfull no matter what you might think. The example I was thinking about is called ‘Magibon’.

Magibon is a ‘cutesy’ girl who has posted lots of videos on youtube where she opens up with a cute little voice saying something extremely simple in japanese and practically just stares at you for the rest of the video, doing ‘cutesy’ faces and ends with doing the usual V sign every asian does infront of the camera. Extremely simple thing, and she actually look alittle creepy at times but she has a fan following. With people telling her how cute she is in the comments section of her videos and even gotten a photoshoot in Playboy Japan and being on TV shows over there. Don’t believe me check it out by just google on ‘Magibon’. Check out this clip

And that’s practically all she does, ever. Now where else but our beloved internet could this cute little girl without showing of too much skin or showing what kind of talents she have but only stare into the camera gain so much fame? Not on the street that’s for sure, how creepy wouldn’t that be? I mean it’s already creepy but think about it, a girl walking up to you only to stare at you like that and all of a sudden just walk away. Or sitting on the sidewalk staring out into nothingness. It doesn’t really lead anywhere. But give that same girl a camera and make her do almost nothing but stare into it and post it on youtube, thank god for youtube, and blaam, instant fame.

Things like that is what makes internet so great and I want to keep it great. So stop the censoring and make this a place for the people again, not something to control the people with.

Oh yeah, one last thing, thank you to the people who doesn’t fall for that ‘cutesy’ act and see it for what it is, EVIL. Or atleast creepy as hell. Oh and thank you for showing me this weird but nice part of everyones favorite highway.

More Magibon : Magibon’s Youtube vlog
Blogs on Magibon: – Magibon’s Evil Cuteness
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  1. She’s flirting with you. How is that creepy? I like a girl who smiles and makes faces at me. This is cute for a lot of guys. Maybe you don’t have so much experience with girls, but this is called flirting.

    • Target: It’s not really that she’s flirting that’s creepy, it’s something about her that feels creepy. That and does she have to make so many videos if flirting is all it is about. But still for whatever reason, I like the way she has become a internet Idol and applaud that idea.

  2. Where’s my comment, fuckhead? You are a coward talking about free speech on the internet and then censoring my comment like a hypocrite. Fuck you pansy woman catering pussy faggot.

    • Ralph I have no Idea what you are talking about really, hasn’t been logging in to the blog for a while since I was on vacation, so please write that comment again and we’ll see.

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